AOF History

Our Commitment To Educating The Next Generation Of Patriot Leaders


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Preserving our Constitutional Republic and promoting individual rights and liberties can only be achieved by properly educating future generations.

American Opinion Foundation is committed to educating the next generation of patriot leaders.

In 2005, The American Opinion Foundation was formed under the direction of Arthur R. Thompson, the newly appointed CEO of the John Birch Society. For thirty-five years prior to the foundation of AOF, the Society sponsored summer camps for youth across America. In these camps, young people were immersed in patriotic programs that taught American exceptionalism and reinforced civics and Constitutional values.

As effective as the camps proved for attendees, Mr. Thompson realized that a one week program each year was simply insufficient to properly educate future generations regarding the dangers of collectivism. Seeking a more comprehensive solution to the problem of youth education, he chose long time Society employee Alan Scholl to guide AOF during its formative years. Under Mr. Scholl’s direction, FreedomProject Education became a reality in 2011. Since that founding year, FreedomProject Academy has grown from year to year, providing a first-rate classical education for students across the United States and in several foreign countries.

FreedomProject Academy’s educational mission was greatly enhanced by the launch in 2017 of FreedomProject Media, a program conceived by FreedomProject Director Dr. Duke Pesta and Media Director Michael Menzel. FreedomProject Media has since produced award-winning educational materials and original programming viewed by millions every month.

AOF anticipates that the continued growth of the media division will eventually give rise to a college-level school of journalism as part of a new university venture that will train younger generations to become journalists, teachers, lawyers, and civil servants dedicated to the preservation of the Constitution and the advancement of traditional American values.

FreedomProject Academy

FPA offers a fully accredited, Classical education for K-12 online. FPA is rooted firmly in the Judeo-Christian values as promoted in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers, who strove to guarantee the preservation of our God-given liberties.

FreedomProject Media

FP Media continues to produce live programming, educational media, and short weekly videos focused on topics impacting education and national welfare. Tune in for adult education courses and insightful cultural commentary.

FreedomProject Partnership

FP Partnership teams with churches and private schools to stream Judeo-Christian classes into brick and mortar classrooms. What better way to restore American values than to bring the worlds of faith and education together again?